Quite often people ask the question – can I learn to become a programmer? And this is a reasonable question, of course. It’s even more reasonable if you have ever seen roadmaps like this one, for example. That’s correct, all this stuff you’ll need to know to be a great developer. But in most cases, our answer is — Yes, you learn to program and be a more successful developer than anyone you know. It’s all depends on your willingness and a desire to be a winner.

Is it easy to do?

No, learning to program is difficult, especially it is difficult if you study programming yourself. You need a lot of work. And first of all, you need to know what do you need to know and what is not necessary. But the most important — who can I ask questions, who can help me resolving some excercise I stuck on some online training website with?

So in fact, the question “is it possible to become a programmer?” is not so straightforward. But anyways it’s always easier to learn it with a mentor.

That’s why we have launched our Web-Developer Mentorship Program.

Our mentors have experience working with development for more than 20 years. They kept their skills upgraded all this time, they were working with many clients with different needs using different technology stacks. They now on top of the technology iceberg and are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately, because of lots of requests, we cannot invite everyone to join the program, but you can always give it a try.

After your application is approved, we will immediately contact you. Usually it happens within a week or two. Be sure — if we contacted you means you are already in!

Good luck!