Our Expertise

Domains of Expertise

Owing to our extensive expertise and mix of skills, we are ready to offer various web and mobile products to businesses and non-profit organizations. At Digital Idea studio, we use  an individual approach to every project we take as we strive to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements. We aim at solving business problems and turning complex processes into simple and user-friendly digital solutions. Over the years, we have been polishing our skills in developing CRM systems, tracking and analytic dashboards, admin panels, eCommerce systems, social networks, learning management platforms and other. We have a longstanding experience in building complex enterprise solutions. Our team has proved to have the ability to understand clients’ needs and meet all requirements when it comes to designing reliable, scalable, and secure systems. Therefore, we are up for any challenge you might offer.

Due to our mission and values, we have made our priority to serve non-profit organizations. Our professionals can create products for centralizing membership, fundraising management, advanced reporting, audio and video content management, or program registration. Want to serve members and manage your staff more efficiently? – No problem. We can also design an excellent system which will help you spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on strategic planning and expanding your target audience.

In our work, we use two engagement models: managed product and managed team. For this reason, we can work both independently and under your management. Both models offer control over expenses and development progress. So, rest assured that your investments will always pay off.